Setting out and running in situ cement mouldings

Most of the bench run pieces are now finished and slowly curing so as the weather begins to warm up we have been able to begin setting out and running the first of the in situ mouldings.

The gable had been rebuilt following collapse and the moulding shown here was copied from old pictures.

This week we will set out and run a further bull nosed weather moulding around 4 inches above this one and continuing around the side elevations with a curved feature04.07.16 - DSCN5721.JPG


St Andrews Sunday school


We are pleased to announce that we have now began the long awaited exterior facade repairs at the former Sunday School located within the grounds of St Andrews church, Rodney Street, Liverpool.

This beautiful italianate building has stood proudly since 1872 and although suffered much neglect in the last number of years it is now being sympathetically restored to its original glory.

We will be reproducing all of the missing exterior mouldings and original details of this building over the next few months and updates will be posted as work progresses.