#jesmonite stone frame

This project was for a bespoke set of inset stone frames for a private client in Cheshire.  We matched the colour of the frame with the clients stone walls and we used the silicone mould from our previous post to produce parts for the plaster model.20130223_192549
The frames were to be set into the stone clad walls and had a rebate on the inside edge to allow for glazing and a backing board.They also had to look authentic and hand made.  We modelled a clean 90 degree mitre and produced a balanced corner mould.

The opening  size was predetermined by the dimensions of the stonework so this determined the size of the outer cove member. This scaled up well and gave a nice simple edge detail.

We ran and mitred the outer profile then assembled the model.

The client was pleased and it was a good fit so we finished the model and produced our silicone mould.

The cast stone colour and finish was produced using a blend of jesmonite stone colours and aggregates, the finished pieces were laminated with 3 layers of quadaxial reinforcement and the face was acid etched and detailed to blend with the surrounding finishes.


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