Bond Street London

This restoration project was completed in 2014 at an exclusive #luxury watch store in Bond Street,  London.

Blancpain are the world’s oldest watch company and their New Mayfair store was being completley refurbished and replastered by the genius Mr Paul Marlow and his team.  pdmarlow website

Paul and his team had spent many weeks carefully removing the layers of paint, paper and defective plaster throughout every floor of this building back to its original construction. Working on listed buildings and conservation of historic craftsmanship requires an in depth knowledge of materials and techniques and Paul uses his skills to transform this building into a masterpiece.

It was a pleasure to be invited to London to work with Paul again to reproduce and repair the delicate frieze and cornices that had been covered up with plaster and unseen for so long.

Several sections of the original moulding had been damaged or missing over time. A thin thixotropic silicone mould was taken from a complete section and a master produced out of this.

A second set of silicone moulds were made from the master to produce 5 individual moulds for casting.

We carefuly replaced the missing frieze sections and enrichment’s and blended the repairs in to the original.

Paul and his team then finished the rest of the walls and ceilings with their own lime backing coats and finished with fine Italian stucco.

It was a pleasure to see the results of everybody’s hard work.



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