A tip to share and discuss for the modern plasterer

20120608_080026Here is a tip I would like to share that I find extremely useful and believe everyone in the trade should try.

The honeycomb pattern above is on the back side of a bench run moulding. This was a cement moulding but the method works with #plaster and #jesmonite and gives an improved key for the direct bonding of cornice, coving, skirtings and any other decorative architectural  elements.

The increased surface area and open pattern allow for tighter and stronger bonding of bench run or cast pieces, reduce material usage and reduce weight.

This revolutionary idea is made possible by … Bubble wrap


Simply lay bubble wrap flat onto your greased bench as you begin to run your profile and when removed you are left with a factory looking, grease free honeycomb surface. The bubble wrap can be reused for the next run or left in place to protect bundles of mouldings until they are ready to fit.


  • Grease bench and mark out edges
  • Lay out bubble wrap nice and smooth cut neatly and slightly narrower than moulding
  • Can be reused for next moulding run or left in place until fitting
  • Can be adapted by laying batten. Pipe or similar to produce a hollow core.
  • Bubble wrap can also be trowelled into the back of a reverse mould to produce a similar effect.

I am sure there are people who do this or something similar already but I urge you to try it for yourself and please share and discuss this method.

Merry Christmas


Dave Lawton




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