Colour matching


Many of the bespoke finishes we produce are coloured with the addition of natural earth pigments, marble powders, blended with colored or unusual aggregate or simply natural lime. For specific colour reproduction we take things a step further.

We are fortunate to have some very useful machinery in house to enable us to provide unrivalled bespoke coloured finishes to a whole range of materials.


Our tinting system is a fully automatic volumetric dispensing system utilising 16 liquid base tints. Computer controlled and able to reproduce custom colour formulations for any sized batch we have an unlimited array of colours available to us.
We use a similar system you would find in high street paint stores.
The machine on the left contains a carousel of tints and precision pumps controlled by software
The machine on the right is our programmable shaker providing automatic clamping and thoroughly mixing upto 40 kgs at a time.

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