Oval mouldings ran in situ using a trammel

This project involved the exposing and treatment of dry rot caused by a blocked outlet in the flat roof above, remedying the initial water ingress problem and the reinstatement of lime plaster internally including fibrous plaster mouldings and oval window surround.

Above the affected area is a small bituminous flat roof with one small outlet for rainwater, this had no protection from debris and often blocked resulting in the water level rising and seeping into the room below through the flashings.

We installed a secound outlet at roof level that would alert the homeowners of a potential blockage in the outlet by dispersing it out the parapet wall. We also added debris gaurds to both of the outlets

Following treatment of exposed timbers and masonry to eliminate any traces of rot we plastered the affected walls with lime mortar and floated out the ceiling to meet the original

The fibrous mouldings were produced in our workshop to replace the originals and fitted including the row of separate dentil blocks

A challenging part of the project was the oval window surround moulding and reveal, this was created by using a simple device called a trammel, this ingenious yet simple contraption relies on geometry to produce elipses of a desirred height and width.

The finished result. lime plastered, fully restored using traditional methods with an oval in situ architrave moulding

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